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This is a convenience component to control the opacity of its children with the supplied opacity property. In addition to controling the opacity of its children, it will not allow for pointer events (i.e. touch events) to pass through to the children when the opacity is below the opacityThresholdToEnablePointerEvents property.


Since this component uses an Animated.View (from Reanimated) under the hood, it supports all of the props that Animated.View supports.


The opacity of the children of this component. This is an animated Shared Value between 0 and 1.


An optional number that represents the opacity threshold at which to enable pointer events (i.e. touch events) on the children. Defaults to 1 and should be a number between 0 and 1.


An optional style object to apply to the animated container view.


The children to be rendered inside the animated container view.